DM-M257 1:12 Scale Condom & Packet by Delph Miniatures


BrandDelph Miniatures
Scale 1:12
Dimensions Packet: 0.9cm x 0.9cm
Rating5 stars »

1:12 Scale Condom & Packet.

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Customer Reviews

It goes well with the ladies red lingerie

Kerries U

If kids are old enough to be looking through websites, then they are old enough to know how “things” work. Education opportunity! I think this is great for those of us in this hobby for fun!

Amy W

Havent ordered yet, but i have a question. So is this is 1:12 scale, so is that real inches or is it man inches? Asking for a friend.


Really pleased with this item. Looks great in my bachelor home. Very realistic. Causes a great laugh when everyone sees it.

Anna T

Presumably those of you objecting also ban your kids from supermarkets? Grow up, it's a condom for goodness sake!

Richard C

This is hysterical! Haven’t bought it yet but I might! Will add a funny and realistic touch to the house. 😆

Elizabeth M


Dolly L

Absolutely brilliant! Great to find such realistic looking and more adult miniatures!


I absolutely love this. Havn't ordered it yet but will be soon. It will look great in my single man's pad with his girlfriend. This site is brilliant, bought so much and will be ordering more soon. These items are for collector's not children. It's good to make it look real.

Anna T

Brilliant!!! It's too bad that some people don't have a sense of humor.

Trini F

Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor? 😊👏

Lynne A

Nasty. Kids are looking through this site! Take this down!

Mary S

Just found this product looking for miniatures.
Are you people for real? Kids look through your site.
You have lost me as a customer

Ingrid B

My sister will love it!

Janet R

Great talking point, especially in the Tudor dolls house!

Liz R

Ft his not right 😁

Julie S

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