DP154 - Porcelain Doll - Undressed Female by Minimum World 2

$4.19 $5.98

BrandMinimum World
Scale 1:12
Dimensions 15cm
Rating5 stars »

Porcelain Doll

Undressed Female

Shoulders, head and hips can be moved into any desired position

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Customer Reviews

Going to dress her as a maid . Pretty fave.

Barbara M

Love these! Ordering more now. Please consider making male dolls too. They are perfect for dollhouses.

Teri W

my 3rd one! this doll is such very good value and quality. You can make her what you want. Bit like barewood furniture. Have M.W thought of a male one.

Anne K

Excellent value. Can decorate dress to fit the part. Very good for diarama s.

Anne K

An "easy to dress" doll at a fair price. Would be nice if the elbows and knees had movable joints. Good value though.

Wendy B

I have a few of theses. Lovely for dressing.
Wish there was a selection of hair colour and a man version though

Angela F

as described - ideal for purpose.

Jane M

Lovely doll.

Carol E

This doll arrived chipped, and Minimum World gave me a full refund. I have bought this type of doll a number of times, and it always works beautifully in my room boxes.

Lynne D

The three woman dolls I bought will be used in the top of a water tower. I am building a model of the Petticoat Junction water tower. They I’ll be perfect fit.

John F

This is a lovely female do l. She even has earrings! Excellent quality

Ann D

I now have 4 of these, they are so easy to dress and change the hairstyle! One of them is left nude and is taking a bath in the tub but with her shoes on.... I am now searching for flesh coloured paint so I can make her feet nude, too.

Sonja P

Teresa really pleased with all that I have had quick delivery

Teresa S

Super cute. As described. Very pleased.

Shelby S

Neat little doll. Will fit in with any period.

Jennifer C

Looks better with her clothes on

Tracey C

Beautiful doll with long, stiff, straight hair. Adorable little brass earrings in. Can't wait to make her first outfit!

Julie G

This lady is very pretty and very handy for people who want to make their own dresses. I've bought 3 so far and changed their hairstyle a little, i.e. ponytail, short and braided and for one I knitted a dress in Mondrian style with assorted hairband. So much fun.

Sonja P

I've bought eight of these so far. You can't beat the price. They are really fun to dress. I do replace the hair as it is regular large doll hair and you can't do anything with it. It's also full of glue. But on one of them I brushed all of the glue out with a wet toothbrush and braided it and put it up in a net and it looked good. I also paint over the shoes with nail polish and decorate them with bits of lace and beads. One of the best parts is that if you take the beads out of her ears there is a hole there and you can make your own earrings with tiny pins, crystals and Bindels findings. I've had a lot of fun with these. Note: if you remove her hair there is a hole in the top of the head. Not a bad thing, I filled it with cotton and glue. One doll I actually glued a large bead in and used it as a base for a Marie Antointette hairstyle.

Holly M


Anita D

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