LT7602 Slim Disc Magnets (pack of two) by Minimum World 3

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BrandMinimum World
Scale 1:12
Dimensions 1cm
Rating5 stars »

LT7602 Slim Disc Magnets (pack of two)

A pair of magnetic discs approximately 1cm diameter x 1mm thick.

To part the magnets please slide apart.

These magnetic discs can be used to hold battery lights, pictures or other miniatures in place.

Just glue one magnet to the wall or ceiling where you wish to attach your light or picture and glue the other magnet to the back of the light or picture.

A great way to fix lights and pictures without ruining your decoration.

You can even move them from room to room if you wish!


Size: 1cm diameter X 1mm thick

Pack includes 2 individual magnets.



This product is not suitable for children under 14

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Customer Reviews

I have brought loads of these little magnets, and would not
be without them. They are small but VERY powerful.
Maybe sometimes you need two, side by side, to hold a bigger lamp.
I have found that does the trick.
I used to struggle to get them apart , then found the best way
is to separate them is to slide them apart, and that works fine.
Many thanks , once again, the great team of people at M W
for my new order, that came today. I love getting a new order from
you wonderful group of people.

Pat H

Used a lot of these over the years, and
have never found a fault with them.
They may be on the small side, but they
have plenty of power.

Pat H

These are needed to fix your battery lights and work very well

Trix M

These disks always work well.

Sheila G

Excellent thanks

Steve P

these really help keep things organized

Sharyn M

I use these magnets to cling lamps and pictures etc on the walls or ceiling. It is veryhandy because they can change places with something else.

Sonja P

Great invention, makes life so much easier

Andrea D

Very nice

John M

Great service! The magnets I ordered are amazing! Getting ready to place my next order which will be for all the lights for our dollhouse and accompanying magnets. Keep up the great work!

John M

Quite handy way to attach the ceiling lights.

Joseph S

Very handy little items. they male my dolls house life so much easier. Catherine

Catherine C

First time I have used the magnetic discs but they work very well. I will use more in the future.

Christine C

Great. Really useful. I have put one on the floor of the upper room (will put carpet or other floor covering over it) so that I can hang the light from the ceiling in the room below. Job done.

Susan B

These work well both for lights and hanging pictures.

Miranda S

Love these magnets! Great for all types of light fixtures, plus I've used one pair for a bathroom mirror.

Marti A

Easy to use

Carolyn G

A must for battery lights.

Carol E

Very strong magnets. Hold very well

Aliki A

Did not order enough....very good quality. Ordered 10 more sets

Sandra H

handy hard to find magnetic discs I use them for lights

Judith C

As expected

Angela F

A must for battery lights.Makes it easy if you decide to change your lights around.

Carol E

works well with adhering to the lights. They are strong when stuck together, best to slide them off one another

Liane D

Tiny! Make sure they don't get lost.

Roberta Y

Thanks so much for offering these. So helpful.

Carol E

A must with battery lights.

Carol E

I ordered 8. Only 1 was Good. The other were damaged in some way. Strings from the apparatuses were hanging out. Some caps were off and hard to put back on, one had the adjusting handle lose and just hanged down. They all worked with the lights on. I decided to keep them and just try to hide them from view. Very badly made. Plus, they would have cost me time and money to return.

Hope F

A must for battery lights.

Carol E

Super strong. These hold right to even my largest ceiling lights.

Toni G

Just the size I needed for my electric lamps

Kathy S

Good idea, it saves all the rewiring of my dollhouse.
Kind regards, Maureen Hurt

Maureen H


Pam T

useful items

Clare H

Cant use your battery lights with out these.They make it easier.

Carol E

Good idea. These will be used to fix the lighting onto Hogwarts model

Christine C

Very power full for the size holds the lights up well

Karen B

Work well

Clare H

These magnets are great! They keep the light in place and make it easier to take off when changing the battery or turning the light off and on. Thanks for suggesting this when I purchased my lights . I will be ordering more.

Theresa P


Pauline T

These are a must.

Carol E

Just right.

Sheila C

Very strong magnets, they are perfect for the job they are intended for

Glenda C

These magnets are absolutely invaluable for battery lights and also for heavy pictures and mirrors. A bit of trial and error involved in the placement of the latter. Best to put both magnets on the wall with super glue and then glue the top magnet onto the item.

Sheryl C

Excellent for fixing the lights to wall. Very strong little magnets!

Christine G

smaller than expected

Karon H

They work so well!

Linda J

Makes fitting of lights easy.

Georgina G

They work!

Linda J

Very pleased. Made a huge difference

Liz S

Great for led lights

Nicola G

Gotta have these if you don't want to glue your battery operated light to the ceiling.

Paula M

These are a must when using battery lights.

Carol E

These magnets do an excellent job, holding the ceiling lights in place.

Pat K

thank you

Lynda M



Thanks for suggesting these in your descriptions, MW!! :)

Mharti H

These are a must for the lights.You can change them around to other rooms if you want to.

Carol E


Valerie C

These make a great difference to having have a transformer and wires.

Catherine C

These are a must have. Perfect for lights. Beware some lights are quite heavy and more magnets are needed.

Denise G

These magnetic discs work perfectly!

Diana V

Held most of the lights except one set. Very handy to swap around if you're as indecisive as I am

Jacqueline T

What can one say about magnets?
They work and are strong . They come together in a caterpillar-like ensemble and the combined strength of the magnets (if you buy a quantity) hold them together with force. After wrestling to separate mine I was told to just slide the top one off the pile, and so on . .Just passing on the tip. I'm sure these would hold an elephant to the ceiling. .

Julia B

Hope these work with the lights but not up to that stage yet

Sheryl C

Helpful to have

Ann P

Magnets are magnets.

Jan O

very useful

Christine W

Perfect for fixing lights pictures and mirrors etc so you can change things around easily.

Robin C

The best invention to hold lights. Incredible the force with which it holds the lights. I can't be without them. I'll be back to buy more.

Maria P

Very strong love these will buy more.

Patsy T

You really need these for the lights, hard to separate initially, but essential

Judith C

Haven't used these yet but hope to in the near future :)

Linda C

Good value, works well

Nancy G

These magnets work great!

Karin W

The magnets hold my battery operated lights very securely.

Lois H

Good idea. I use them to hang my lamps, mirrors and pictures frames and easy to remove them any where you want them.

Gloria T

havent used these yet

Judith H

Can't do without these ,they are super essential!

Judith C

Got these for extras to have on hanfor more lights I will buy

Kathryn D

Very good idea for hanging pictures and mirrors as they sometimes fall off using wax.Must buy some more!

Helen M

a must for supporting battery lights

Gail G

love these

Sherry S

very useful..
Pat H.

Patricia H

Never forget these are Verrt helpful

Kathryn D

I should have bought some more of these.

Jeanette D

I find these very difficult to handle. They came all on top of one another and were not easy to separate.

Margaret D

These are incredibly strong. Love them!

Roberta Y


Mrs L

These are a brilliant idea for fixing floors house lights.

Pat K

Holy cow these are STRONG. Work great, just use 2 to hold on wall or ceiling. 1 may not work so well. I used silicone to adhere to wall, with 3rd magnet on opposite wall till silicone set.

Barbara D

They really work they are smaller than I would like in diameter but they work!

Lynn F

I tried to use one when hanging my chandelier but the chandelier kept falling off. I think it is too heavy for the magnets. However, I used one when I hung a Tiffiny light in the kitchen without any problems!

Denise L

Excellent have just ordered some more to hold outside canopy blind so I can change things if I want to .

Suzanne W

Have not Used these yet .

Josie M

Had problems seperating these as I have said before ok for young fingers to splay out to seperate but not good for arthritic ones

Yvonne C

Perfect for lights.

Debra G

these are very handy to have and are extremely magnetic! will hold heavier objects.

Tammy B

Always necessary to make installation of battery lights possible.

Gill F

Smaller than I thought but STRONG!

J. S

Excellent purchase and make it much easier to change batteries

Liz S

Very neccesary.

Gill F

Well packaged and thinner than I thought they would be for disk magnets. Haven’t used them yet but sure they will be up to the job of keeping my lights in place.

Valerie S

These magnet discs are very strong! This is my 4th order...

Wanda M

love these magnets. thin and very strong and small. smaller than a dime. thickness of one is about half the thickness of a dime.

Tanya W

Very good I shall need lots mores

Kate G

Just what I ordered.

Patricia F


Geri G

Very strong magnet. Holds up even fairly heavy lights.

Judith C

I’m stocking up whil they’re on sale

Dagmar T

What a brilliant idea they work perfectly in my dolls house rooms

Janice M

Strong and very will be perfect to hold my lights

Tanya W

Great magnets. Will use with my ceiling lights. Excellent service, and I received my order in a week-- in New Zealand!

Vicki M

Easy to use ,so many uses. May be could be sold in packets of 6.

Georgina F

So useful - I always have a stick of these.

Sarah H

Not used yet so can't really comment

Janet T

Strong and useful, a must for battery lights. This was my third order and will be getting more in the near future.

Wanda M

These are excellent for putting your lights wherever you want too.

Maggie P

I haven't put these up as yet but they do work.

Mrs A

Very clever.

Judy H

These magnets, transform a room, as they allow lights to be hung where-ever needed, & are so easy to use. Great!!

Judy M

I wishGreat magnets. Very strong and hold all the fixtures I've purchased.

Judith C

They are very small and that's good because they do not look under the lamps and these look much better.

Montserrat F

Really strong. You need these if you buy battery lights.

Jenny C

Really strong

Agnes I

The magnet discs designed to keep the ceiling and wall lights in place are a great idea. No wires!

Denise G

essential to battery lighting - a must have item

Diane E

Excellent service,very pleased with the products.

John B

Do a great job of holding up the ceiling lights

Judith C

Cannot live without them, thank you for prompt delivery , as always when I order from you, Sharon

Sharon L

Work well

Maureen C

As above

Linda B

Easy to use. Used these for my granddaughters house to make it easy for her to reach in and take light out to turn on and off.

Lisa H

Really useful.

Rachel A

So great that you don't have to worry about wires for lights. Makes for a neater dolls house.

Wendy G

Brilliant for putting lights on ceiling stick really well

Denice B

A definite necessity

Sharron F

handy and strong

Rebecca E

These are so useful- very strong and perfect for all my battery lights.

Sarah H

very good

Gillian C

This are very handy! not only for lamps, you can use them to
hang up pictures frames, mirrors and plates. The glue is not strong for some heavy item, This magnetic are perfect and had
a good results with all my decoration around the house.

Gloria T

Have just ordered 10 more sets - for extra lights AND to hold some outer doors in place, instead of using hinges. By doing this, I am able to remove the central doors completely so that they do not interfere with the views of the other interiors. The only warning I would give is that you need to slide the doors to one side in order to remove them - do not try to pull them off.

Gaynor S


Margaret A

they are very handy, it's not for lamps only, I have been used them also for hang up pictures frame or any other decoration instead of glue, no mess at all with this magnetic!! I will order more since I have lots of goodies to hang up on the walls.

Gloria T

Really pleased with the magnetic disks. Lighting was very easy to install. Thank You

Agnes R

These little magnetic discs make lighting so easy and are strong enough to hold up the chandaliers I have bought.

Linda P

Do the job as per description.

Anne M

did not receive in order!

Janet H

Bit disappointed, as two sets arrived broken, others ok and work fine

Margaret B

No problem. Holding chandelier nicely

Lois P

Serve purpose

Peter J

Good item. A strong magnet

Gill W

Love the magnets but wish you had some that held more weight.

Judy M

These magnetic discs glue easily to the ceiling for chandelier. I also use them to keep the dollhouse door closed. They are the perfect size to fit on the inside of the door and on the house closure. I used a dremel to recess them flush with the wood.

Diane M

these are absolutely essential and just perfect. nice and strong and hold the heavier lights in place with dab of superglue for the really heavy ones. will buy many more of these

Mary D

Excellent value as is everything from minimum world

Dawn R

Great way of securing lights. Used them some 4 weeks ago and still secured

Maureen H

Did not need to purchase them forr a woof house. !!

Karine W

Great idea. Thought they were bigger but still useful for smaller minituares

Anna K

Just bought more. They work great!

Rebecca B

Great item

Barbara K


Jane W

So glad I could purchase these batteries on their own. And the price was reasonable.

Diane H

These are a good purchase to use for attaching the battery lights.I glued them in the position where i wanted the lights

Pamela M

Makes fitting easy

Jean Y

Will prove useful for things I don't want to install permanently.

Rebecca C

Just what I wanted for the lights.

Elizabeth B

I love this I use them for my lights and also to put cupboards on the wall

Jill H

Good idea for easy fit of lighting. I will be buying more of these.

Sue P

Have bought these to hold LED lighting and pictures, so hopefully they are strong enough. As always, excellent service from Minimum World.

Carole O

small but very powerful, will buy more

Benita W

disks held together so well at first I couldn't tell there was a pair.

Shifra B

Fix well

Pamela R

Perfect and very useful

Abbie B

Do the job but a bit fiddly for old hands!

Colin W

Fine. Have not used yet. Requires glue? A bit pricey.

Ida V

I use these for many items, not just lights.

Gloria B

We were extremely pleased with our purchases from Minimum World. The quality is superior and the prices are great! Thank you so much, a happy customer from the USA :D

Linda H

I having use them yet; soon I will when I re-decorate my doll hause.

Gloria T

Very strong

Lisbeth A

Makes lighting very easy

Maureen S

Very strong magnetic discs and they do the job well to hang the battery light I ordered for the ceiling.

Diana M

These have been great for my indoor chandelier lights, but for some reason don't seem to really hold the battery coach lamp Product No LT7505 quite so well. I can manage to get it to stay in position by weaving a little climbing flowers etc in and around, but left to its own devices it would tend to slide. On the whole though they are very good value, and worth 5 stars.

Fiona D

Good, got three lots now.

Patricia A

A must with all the battery lighting I buy. Dry competitive pricing.

Kathleen V

Very strong

Rebekah D

These may be small but they are very strong, I've used them in different kinds of model making

Andrew G

I missed these items in the package

Gabriele S

Can't do without these!

Georgia G

These are so useful! Very strong.

Sarah H

Tiny Magnets but brilliant with Tacky wax for extra lights for little part time displays !

Tara M

Really useful

Irene E

Bit small

Debbieb B


Barbara L

These are essential with battery lights, would be nice if supplied with the lights as standard.

Valerie C

These magnetic disks work perfectly. Very good value.

Linda B

this magnetic are "a plus" if any one will buy chandeliers or any wall lamps; don't be afraid to get them!!

Gloria T

Only got 1!

Jackie S

An essential piece of kit for installing battery lights

Yvonne R

very handy!

Sara U

Fab product, magnets are very strong

Maureen M

These are also worthwhile. Need to use 2 however on top to hold up lights

Margaret F

Don't buy from Minimum World! They don't stand by their products. After offering photographic proof they sent me damaged/incorrect items they REFUSED to pay for return shipment and then BANNED me from the site for complaining and insisting on a refund!!

Jennifer M

Gosh, these magnets are very strong for their size. They easily hold up a chandelier.

Heather C

As described.

Marguerite S

A must!

Cheryl H

From the photo I "thought" one pkg would be more than enough for 5 lamps & ordered 2 pkg to have "exras"... However; price is for ONE pair only, very disapointed

Tammie C

They do the job, but are very small and powerful so are a bit hard to work with. I broke one because I put it too close to the stacked one's, and it was attracted so hard it broke into three pieces.

Jane H

Very small magnets but strong!

Debbie E

Handy little magnetics do job really well

Isaac N

Easy to attach battery lights with.

Pam R

Well marked in the shipping Box: attached to a larger card. Tiny enough not to be seen when hung with lamp. Watch the polarization of the magnets.

Jennifer C

Incredibly effective

Patrick M

Did not read the description well on these so under ordered not a reflection on you.

Margaret F

Got these in light pack very strong very happy with product.

Janice G

Nessesary magnets for battery lamps.

Winny R

Good delivery

Dorothy D

Good strong magnets

Linda S

These work well but bear in mind they do have a polarity so that needs to be checked as pairs before you happily superglue them onto lights and ceilings. I had to use an extra magnet as I had stuck the wrong pair on and the magnets just repelled each other!

Susan B

Really strong tiny magnets, perfect for lights

Patrick M

Always handy with battery lights

Winny R

from the pic I thought I was going to get more but only 2 ~ but they work well and are not visible!!!

Karen L


Susan D

Have'nt used them yet, but seem quite strong.

Jacky B

These are so handy for battery lights.

Pauline T

Did not hold the tulip lamp, I ordered later, onto the ceiling as it must have been too heavy unless I'm doing it wrong!

Tess D

You can't have enough if you use battery lights which I do!

Winny R

A must have to fit lights on the wall or ceiling

Liza G

These are the strongest magnets I have ever seen for such a small size. Amazing!

Doreen H

found this easy to use what a good idea.

Jeanette H

Not used them yet, as is for granddaughters birthday. Looks ok. delivery time was reasonable. They were tricky to find in the parcel as pack is so small. Cost more than we expected before we looked at site. The cost would have been more reasonable for the lights if they had included a battery for the stated price.

Judith L

Has really great hold and is so discreet.

Eloise T

Very useful.

Irene E


Mary C

The discs make fitting battery lights a doddle

Tania L

All so easy to fit

Maureen S

Great idea for putting up lights.easy to take light down for ease of switching on and off.

Isobel S

good strong magnets

Alec T

Very useful

Maureen S

These work out really well for hanging the ceiling fixtures and they are really tiny so they don't intrude.

Kay C

Happy with purchase would recommend to others

Karen B

Very good value for money and useful. Very strong magnetism.

Janet E

Great item, quick delivery, this is my favorite site for
Minature items

George G

5+ Further possibilities

Helena E

Great, they do the job, very strong magnetic grip,

Dorothy F

These magnets are easy to fit and make hanging battery lights so easy. I was suprised at the strength of such a small magnet!

Lesley L

Very strong magnets! Work wobderfully.

Joyce N


Patricia S

great buy,

Ian H

Have not used these yet as I have no lights to fix them too. But the magnetic discs are very strong, at first I thought only one had come but the picture actually shows 10 magnetics which is five pairs.

Jacqueline W

These will come in handy to attach my lights!

Gloria B

This is a great idea, it means you can change your lights around without any fuss. Highly recommend.

Margaret M

Great idea ,more is more ;) Great for pictures and other items .
Perhaps they could be self adhesive as an option

Nicola S

These are great, just what I needed to hold the battery lights, they really work, I will be ordering more.

Dorothy F

Just the ticket for getting your lighting up easily - would definitely recommend

Jacqueline D

Work great for such little magnets. Five stars.

Linda T

A bit pricey and for some of the lights only one is needed. However they do work well.

Charley Z

Rather expensive but work really well.

Susan W

Make it easy to hang your lights but be careful which way round you stick them otherwise instead of attracting it will repel (basic magnet science!) Great service from MW thx

Keith J

Received in good time and perfectly satisfied factory

Malcolm P

A must for hanging battery lights!

Anita L

Strong magnets belying their size

Louise C

What a great idea! So much easier than hard-wiring. Wish this had been available when I made my two previous dollhouses.

Diane B

We bought six magnetic discs to "hold" the six wall lights. The discs are glued to the walls of the doll's house. They do the job perfectly and allow for the easy removal of the lights for switching on and off.

Charles M

Just what you need. Good value too

Angela O

Best idea ,maybe they could do self adhesive ones also

Nicola S


Genevieve P

Can't manage without these for fixing lights to walls

Susan S

work great and so strong

Beryl W

Great for those celing lights.

Mary S

terrific item, small and easy to hide since it needs not to be seen, love it, and super powerful too!

Dominique R

These magnetic discs are a good size not being too large or unattractive. They have a strong magnetism for their size. I will be ordering more.

Heather O

Really good way of installing battery lights - works well.

Irene E

marvellous little things

Tamara D

Slim and strong, perfectly meet my needs with battery lights, recommended.

Barbara L

Strong batteries. I always come back for more.

Cheryl L

Very useful standby

Julia B

These magnetic discs work wonderfully well!

Diana V

Purchase these in the past. Works well for the battery operated lights in this shop. Shipped fast and secure. Ship charge reasonable.

Cheryl L


Caroline H

Great price and does the job.


Very strong and great value

Gregg A

You won't believe how strong these tiny magnets are, great for holding your lights in place

Linda H

So easy to use, great

Myra M

Used these to attach my copper lantern to the ceiling and it worked very well.

Rebecca P

Again full marks, bought to stick lights on the wall.

Suzanne B

Worked brilliantly

Myra M

The magnets work fine. Only problem has been the sticky disc with the lamp is not strong enough to hold the lamp with magnets, which are quite heavy. Guess I need super glue. It's not the fault of the magnets though.

Barbara L

These are great to have.

Cheryl L

Hoped I would get more than 2 for my money - but it does state (pack of two )

Ann D

So very strong!!

Nicky C

They hold up the light ! Brilliant.

Doreen W

Does the job .

Glenys C

always so very useful and they really work far better than ordinary magnets.

Nicky C

these are very good if ceiling is paperd with flat surface it becomes difficult to glue if its a raised pattern but such a lovely idia and of course no wires which is great

Mary T

Brilliant idea

Paula O

Easy to use.

Elaine Y

The magnets worked after I found the right kind of glue to use. I like that the lights can be removed and moved to another area with a new magnet installed in the new area.

Marina M

I bought a few packets of these as they were so cheap and I wanted to have them in my stock box.

Carol T

still have not been able to figure this one out.

Karen T

Moving over to battery lights so needed these well priced

Rosemary H

LOVE THESE!! I am constantly moving things around in my 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse and these are perfect to stick on walls to hold lights and ornaments. When I change the decor, I can change the lighting and not have to worry about tearing up my wallpaper or painted walls. Need more size variations!!

Penny P

Very strong little magnets, which do the job well of holding the battery lights in place.

Liz R

good value but not suitable for my house due to thickness of ceilings but will find use for them!

Teresa W

I have worked and worked with these. they just do not hold lights up. I do not like to find my lights laying in the floor.

Karen T

Nice to be able to buy in groups.

Fran Q

A must have!

Delphine A

A must have for the lights

Delphine A

Useful for hiding the flex of flashing light to a stove. Service good.

Sally M

To use battery lights you need these!

Valerie C

Althogh I ordered these and paid for them, they were not included in the parcel hy. I should really have contacted Minimum World but didn't get round to it.

Marion B

Magnets not powerful enough to hold the copper lantern securely

Angela W

Just what I needed for attaching my battery lights.

Margaret B

good value and shipped fast

Julia K

great value

Mary F

Five stars

Sharon L


Edna S

Thank you what I wanted.

Anne D

Much smaller than I expected, thought they would be chandelier size. Description should give size.

Janet H

Haven't used these yet

Margaret T

Unfortunately I have found that these magnetic discs are not strong enough to hold the outside light, as the light just slid off. Very disappointing! I haven't hung the ceiling lights yet but I'm guessing the discs will not hold these either.

Brenda H

I haven't used any yet.

Margaret T

These are a bit smaller than I thought they would be, but they still work to hold the light fixture on the wall.

Vicki M

Helps me so much with lighting and pictures.

Margaret T

very useful product and good price

Katie C

fitted perfect

Margaret L

Good. Fast delivery.

Renata B

Belle astuce pour fixer les éclairages

Schotte M

very very useful and very small and strong

strongest magnets I have ever seen.

Nicky C

Product was perfect, spot on, worked exactly the way it should. Really appreciated the emails explaining this product
Thank you Will
Sydney, Australia

Bill V

Very handy for attaching battery lights to any location in dollhouse.

Doris P

These really do hold your lights in place, I doubted they would work but I was wrong. They hold a battery operated carriage lamp securely on the wall but remember you will have to supply your own glue.

Linda H

These were bought to attach lights inside the Sylvanian houses and they are excellent. Much neater than having wires everywhere. A great idea

Elizabeth T


Carmel C

2 have broken

Rebecca M

Great help in making lights moveable!

Edna S

These magnets are very thin, hiding them in the base of light.

Virginia W

Great to have these on hand and at such a good price too.

Patrick C

Great only problems difficult to price apart being magnetic some tissue paper in between would help a lot.

Yvonne D

They do the job

Maureen R

Useful item

Gillian B

Very effective but I found them very difficult to separate as the magnetism is very strong.

Eileen S

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