Mini Mundus Kits
Mini Mundus Kits

Building your own

Mini Mundus cabinet

There is a special kind of satisfaction you will get when you build a piece of furniture from a Mini Mundus kit. Each kit is so well thought out that you will be delighted at the ease of its completion.

Each boxed kit contains all wood parts, the brass hardware, and detailed instructions for the simple step-by-step building method. An illustration of the finished piece of furniture is shown on each box.

With the detailed instructions, a parts identification layout sheet is included. The layout sheet also contains a hardware check list.

All wooden parts are precision-cut with groove joints for easy assembly, perfect fit and solid construction. No sawing or cutting is necessary, although we suggest some gentle sanding prior to assembly to give that smoothness typical of fine furniture.

After assembly the special stain and finishing materials will create the rich hand-rubbed look of fine antiques.

After finishing and installation of the solid brass hardware, your furniture pieces will be authentic reproductions. You will treasure each piece that you have made for years to come.

The job in pictures

Mini Mundus kit assembly - pic 1 Mini Mundus kit assembly - pic 2 Mini Mundus kit assembly - pic 3 Mini Mundus kit assembly - pic 4 Mini Mundus kit assembly - pic 5


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