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You want to make your dolls’ house your own, so we understand that even the smallest of details can make the world of difference. Dolls’ house accessories are great fun to shop for, and add atmosphere and authenticity your display.
Decorating your miniature dolls and dolls’ houses can be the most enjoyable part of your hobby. Finding that perfect picture, the prettiest pair of shoes, or setting the cosy fireside scene is as fun for you in miniature form as it is in real life! Here you can browse our vast selection of high quality dolls’ house clothes and dolls’ house accessories to customise your characters and make your doll’s house into a beautiful home.
Every miniature family needs dolls’ house clothing. Your fair figurines need clothes, shoes and hats, and you’ll find it all here. Elegantly-made underwear, stockings, glasses and gloves complement delicate dresses, tiny trousers and the smallest of shoes. Miniature fashion can make a statement, so buy dolls’ house clothing that sets your display apart. 

» Scale

1:12 (82)

» Colour

Barewood (1)
Black (3)
Blue (3)
Brass (1)
Brown (1)
Cream (1)
Green (1)
Pink (3)
Tan (1)
White (1)

» Era

Modern (6)
Traditional (5)

» Brand

British Miniatures (4)
Dolls House Emporium (23)
Falcon Miniatures (3)
MC Miniatures Company (13)
Mini Mundus (1)
Minimum World 2 (3)
Reutter (11)
Streets Ahead (21)
TC Component Company (1)
The Wonham Collection (4)
Town Square Miniatures (3)


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D3290 - Straw Hat

$1.80 $2.24 

D4216 - Tan Handbag

$3.63 $6.06 

MC2756 Tie Rack with Ties

$1.90 $3.16 

MC2885 - Metal Coat Rack

$3.45 $5.74 

MC3261 - Wire Coat Hanger

$0.75 $1.22 

MC3621 - Folded Shirt

$1.44 $2.38 

MC5004 2 Ties

$1.52 $2.51 

MCCF4320D Pink Umbrella

$1.72 $2.86 

MCF1462A Pink Flip Flops

$1.90 $3.81 

MCF1462B Blue Flip Flops

$1.90 $3.81 

RP16880 - White Bathrobe

$14.65 $17.23 

RP17133 - Hat Stand

$14.33 $16.86 

RP17586 - Three Hat Boxes

$15.51 $18.24 

TC1160 - Brass Valet Stand

$13.07 $18.67 

87 Items

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