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Enhancing the exterior of your miniature house gives it vibrancy and life, so make the most of the outdoors with a colourful scene in your dolls’ house garden. If you’re green-fingered, create some drama with beautiful blooms, luscious lawns and tiny topiary. For the more natural look, let foliage and wild flowers reign the plot. To complete a summer scene, why not include a miniature barbecue? Your tiny dolls can relax in their deck chairs, whilst burgers and sausages sizzle on the grill. 
Why not let your dollshouse dolls survey the surroundings from a stylish dollshouse conservatory. Here you’ll find both painted and unpainted dollshouse conservatory kits to develop your miniature world even further. Whether you’re looking for complete dollshouse conservatory sets, or individual items to finish the display, it’s all here. Bird cages, greek busts, potted plants and fancy furniture, you can just imagine sitting in that pretty place on a warm summer’s day.
Whether you’re looking for a single item to set your scene, or a complete dolls’ house garden kit, you’ll find it all here.



» Scale

1:12 (412)

» Colour

Barewood (3)
Black (9)
Blue (1)
Brass (1)
Brown (9)
Cream (1)
Green (4)
Grey (2)
Multi (2)
Pink (3)
Red (2)
Silver (1)
White (23)

» Era

Modern (4)
Traditional (12)

» Brand

British Miniatures (29)
CI International Porcelain (1)
CP Prestige Ceramics (UK) (30)
Delph Miniatures (7)
Dolls House Emporium (102)
Houseworks (13)
Jackson Miniatures (2)
MC Miniatures Company (32)
Minimum World 1 (6)
Minimum World 2 (47)
Minimum World 3 (7)
Reutter (45)
Stacey Miniature Masonry (1)
Streets Ahead (137)
The Wonham Collection (17)
Town Square Miniatures (12)


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BA008 - Barewood Ladder

$3.19 $4.57 

BA009 Barewood Stepladder

$4.74 $6.78 

BA036 - Barewood Garden Set

$13.21 $20.32 

CP005 - Plant Tub

$5.36 $6.69 

CP007 - Large Flower Pot

$5.57 $6.99 

CP008 - Flower Pot

$3.82 $4.78 

CP010 - Large Window Box

$5.36 $6.69 

CP011 - Ribbed Window Box

$5.36 $6.69 

CP016 - Shell Wall Planter

$4.47 $5.60 

CP070 Small Grouted Steps

$7.84 $9.80 

CP071 Large Grouted Steps

$10.06 $12.57 

CP072 Double Grouted Steps

$13.39 $16.75 

CP091 Small Flower Bed

$7.84 $9.80 

CP092 Large Flower Bed

$9.77 $12.22 

CP102 Dog Poo

$2.26 $2.83 

D068 - 2 Glass Wine Glasses

$3.91 $4.89 

96 of 487 Items

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