Laundry Room

Laundry Room Dolls House Miniatures

Bring your dolls house to life with our collection of laundry room dolls house miniatures.

Our miniatures include everything you need to create a functional and charming laundry room, from washing machines and dryers to ironing boards, laundry baskets, and more.

Soaps, bowls, pegs and baskets: it's all here! Every family needs clean clothes, and your tiny version is no exception. Despite being the very smallest room, your dollhouse laundry can add interest and individuality to your display.

To recreate a period scullery you'll find vintage suds and carbolic soap. Tin tubs, a butler's sink and a mangle roller complete the picture. But washing clothes needn't be a chore in your dollhouse laundry room; for the modern household, there's a washing machine of course! Pop the wet washing on the clothes horse or hang in on the line - there's something for every era and preference.


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