Office and Study

Office and Study Dolls House Miniatures

Upgrade your dollhouse with our collection of office and study dolls house miniatures. Our miniatures include everything you need to create a functional and stylish workspace, from desks and chairs to bookshelves, filing cabinets, and more. You can create a realistic and charming office or study that your dolls will love working in.

Add finishing touches with our selection of decorative items, such as globes, maps, and pictures, to complete the look. Everything to make your dollhouse office a great place to work and study. From old-fashioned quill pens and ink to a sleek PC or Mac laptop, the breadwinners of your dolls house family can have everything they need.

Your dollshouse office furniture needs to be in keeping with the era. Will your tiny office have a Victorian-style mahogany or modern pine finish? All the office modcons are catered for too: fax machines, photocopiers and desktop computers mean it’s business as usual in your miniature home!


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