DF003 - DF1472 - E2747 Working grandfather clock by Minimum World 1

£17.50 £25.00

BrandMinimum World
Scale 1:12
Colour Mahogany
Era Traditional
Dimensions 16.5cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
Rating5 stars »

1/12th scale working mahogany grandfather clock with opening case and decorative pendulum.

The time can be changed by removing the clock face and turning the winder on the side. The battery in the clock is replaceable.

5cm wide (max) x 16.5cm high x 3.3cm deep (max)

Exclusive quality miniatures from Minimum World

How-To Guide: Changing a Clock Battery



1. Cover all the wooden area surrounding the clock face with masking tape to protect the woodwork from damage

2. Carefully work round the outer edge of the clock face to prize out (a scalpel is the best tool to use for this)

3.When the clock face is removed slide off the plastic surround which holds the clock face firmly in the wood surround

4. Using the scalpel, work round the join at the back of the case and lever out to gain access to change the battery

5. To adjust the time ease the winder out just like a watch, set time and push the winder back in

6. When reassembling be careful to get the split plastic ring which fits round the winder spindle in the correct place before refitting the back

7. Check working, then slide on outer plastic ring before locating in wooden housing after removing masking tape


This product is not suitable for children under 14

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Customer Reviews

Absolutely love this and when I dealt with their Customer Service, it was just as good as the excellent quality of their products!!


Lovely clock BUT A WORD OF WARNING BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU TAKE THE CLOCK OUT OF IT'S BOX as the clock face fell out and onto my tiled floor and the glass has been cracked. It has a rubber ring around the clock but it is still too small for the opening. I will still use it though.

Veronica M

Delighted with this clock. It was working on receipt and I corrected the time with no problem. I am hoping that the battery will be just as easy to replace when it eventually stops.

Janette W

Very pleased with my Grandfather Clock. Quick service, no problem. Thank-You

Sharyn F

Please could tell me how much I have spent so far,

Jane C

My favourite love that it works .. great buy.

Susan D

Nicely made clock. Have it in the upstairs hall

Deborah D

It like real clock all working lovely addison to my dolls house

Marie B

Fabulous a working grandfather clock. Looks lovely

Janet B

Exactly what I wanted.

Elizabeth B

Lovely clock


This will make a future project extra special so juts had to buy.

Carol M

beautiful, stunning work of precision and grace. However I don't know how to adjust the time.

Jutta S

Just a beautiful clock to stand in the hallway etc.

Kathleen P

Think this is such a good idea. Love it

Joyce P

Beautiful piece. Clocked worked for a while but I think it needs a new battery. Same with mantel clock. Can you send me two batteries or tell me what to use to replace them? Thank you.

Karen H

I have just received this as a gift. No instructions included. Looks like the clock can be removed to insert battery but how I don't know.


Love this clock, but was very disappointed that I can’t change the battery or the time on it. It is sealed inside. When the battery runs out, it will be a clock that no longer works. The little heart pendulum was also facing backwards. I just opened the jump ring and turned it around. It would also have been much nicer if there were a window to see the pendulum.Otherwise, it is a very nice clock at a very nice price.

Mona S

Very pleased with the clock just what I wanted

Margret C

At least my doll house has a beautiful grandfather clock, because I don't. I love it!

Susan R

How do you change the time? There are no instructions. It says online to remove the clock face but how and what with? I’m Worried it will damage the wood.

Mrs B

this is a lovely clock couldn't believe it really worked. would advise anyone to buy it for dining room

June A

Delighted with the clock looks really good

Linda B

This grandfather clock actually works and is wonderful.

Ann S

Doesn't work although you kindly sent me a replacement battery clock started then stopped again hasn't worked since ....disappointed....a prepaid returns label would be appreciated so l can return the product and be refunded

Kathleen S

Can't figure out if you can change the time, seems to be permanently set, but it works and is fantastically well made. Love it!

Natalie C

Unsure as to how to set the time, but overall a nice piece.

Ida V

A beautiful little timepiece that really works

Betty S

This clock is so loud you can see mice in the dolls house singing Hickory Dickory!

John R

Fantastic grandfather clock and it actually works!!

Sarah B

Love it

Barbara L

Excellent value, well finished. Well packaged and soon received.

Louise C

This is so cute and realistic and the clock keeps time!

Mrs A

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