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Select your stock from the variety of tiny wares - you’ll love creating tiny shops as much you enjoy shopping! Each kit and individual item is perfectly crafted to immaculate detail, to give you the quality finish you want.


» Scale

1:12 (80)

» Colour

Barewood (4)
Brown (2)
Cream (4)
Gold (1)
Grey (2)
Mahogany (4)
Oak (2)
Pine (5)
Walnut (1)
White (10)

» Era

Modern (2)
Traditional (31)

» Brand

Delph Miniatures (11)
Dolls House Emporium (6)
FineScale Miniatures (2)
International Miniatures (1)
Mini Mundus (15)
Miniatures Company (1)
Minimum World (29)
Phoenix (1)
Reutter (3)
Streets Ahead (57)
Town Square Miniatures (1)


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BEF070 - 1:12 Scale Display Counter

AU$16.55 AU$23.65 

BEF152 - Display Case

AU$19.71 AU$28.15 

BEF155 - Display Table

AU$13.40 AU$19.15 

BEF183 - Small Shelves (pair)

AU$6.27 AU$8.97 

BEF184 - Large Shelves (pair)

AU$6.94 AU$9.91 

BEF190 - Display Shelves

AU$17.34 AU$24.78 

DIY640 Shop Front


96 of 127 Items

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