Tools, Glue, Craft Supplies

Tools, Glue, and Craft Supplies to enhance your miniature world-building experience.

Our collection of dolls house accessories is carefully curated to add the perfect finishing touches to your miniature world. Discover an array of precision instruments tailored for miniature craftsmanship. From miniature saws for intricate cuts to specialty tools for detailed work, our selection ensures that you have the right equipment to execute your dollhouse construction projects with precision and ease. From paint brushes to see-through sheets.
Our Glue and Craft Supplies category offers a comprehensive assortment of adhesives and crafting essentials. Choose from high-quality glues suitable for various materials, ensuring a secure and lasting bond for your miniature creations. Additionally, explore a variety of craft supplies such as paint, brushes, and other accessories to add the finishing touches to your dollhouse masterpieces.


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