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We all want to retire to a peaceful and relaxing room at the end of the day. Your dolls’ house bedroom is no different, so here you can design the bed chamber from top to bottom.
Want a beautiful boudoir for your glamorous little lady? Luxury dolls’ house bedroom furniture needs statement wallpaper. Add an elegant chaise longue to complete the opulent surroundings where your fair figurine can relax. Need a modern bedroom for the family’s new addition? Buy a cot for the baby with soft and comforting sheets. From individual pieces in wood and wire, to full dolls’ house bedroom sets in both modern and antique designs, create the miniature bedroom of your dreams here.

» Scale

1:12 (341)

» Colour

Assorted (1)
Barewood (11)
Beech (2)
Black (5)
Blue (2)
Brass (5)
Cream (6)
Gold (4)
Mahogany (35)
Oak (5)
Pine (13)
Pink (6)
Red (1)
Silver (1)
Turquoise (1)
Walnut (4)
White (53)

» Era

Modern (26)
Traditional (118)

» Brand

British Miniatures (23)
CP Prestige Ceramics (UK) (1)
Delph Miniatures (29)
Dolls House Emporium (62)
Falcon Miniatures (1)
FU Furniture (2)
JiaYi (27)
MC Miniatures Company (12)
Mini Mundus (10)
Minimum World 2 (6)
Minimum World 3 (2)
MinimumWorld 1 (12)
Phoenix + Warwick (1)
Reutter (41)
Streets Ahead (131)
The Wonham Collection (4)
Town Square Miniatures (8)


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BA007 - Barewood Rocking Chair

AU$8.00 AU$11.44 

BA017 - Barewood Wardrobe

AU$11.44 AU$19.48 

BA018 - Barewood Screen

AU$9.34 AU$13.35 

BA020 - Barewood Dining Chair

AU$6.66 AU$9.53 

BEF149 - Wardrobe


D2043 Bedwarmer


D4006 - Table Decoration

AU$2.16 AU$2.86 

D4016 - TV and Remote

AU$5.71 AU$11.44 

D4017 - Pair of Candlesticks

AU$1.89 AU$3.80 

D4122 - Blue Floral Vases (pk7)

AU$8.57 AU$13.35 

D631 - Parasol


DF005 - White Rocking Chair

AU$6.40 AU$9.15 

DF007 White Shelf

AU$2.94 AU$4.20 

DF009 Mahogany Shelf

AU$2.94 AU$4.20 

DF012 White Four Panel Screen

AU$8.59 AU$17.64 

96 of 371 Items

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